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Sir Alex Retires, David Moyes Rumored to be Next Man U Boss

Fergy Moyes

After a 27 year tenure that made him the most successful soccer coach in English football history, Sir Alex Ferguson, famed manager of Manchester United, will be retiring at seasons end.  Sir Alex just won his 13th league title with Man U, and after much speculation all season long, is finally calling it a career.  And why not?  There is no better way to go than on top of the mountain.

Along with his 13 Premiere League titles, Sir Alex also hoisted two Champions League trophies, five Football Association Cups and four League Cups.  To say he could do anything more would be a bit, well, exaggerated.  It was made very clear as stated earlier that Sir Alex was strongly thinking about retiring after the season, and once it looked like the Red Devils would raise that League title one more time, it was pretty much official.  The question now is, who replaces him?

If you’re an Everton fan, then you already know the answer.  While it might be crippling news to Toffee fans on the Merseyside, they should not be surprised that David Moyes will be taking the reigns of Manchester United come next season.  The minute the retirement talk started was the same minute Moyes’ name came up as Ferguson’s successor.

While it wasn’t a complete certainty that Moyes would take the job; a lot of factors hung in the balance, it was inevitable.  With his contract up on May 19th and no Champions League or Europa berth for the Toffees, the decision became very simple.  While an official announcement has not been made yet, and Fox Soccer is throwing a couple of other names in the mix, the Manchester United gig belongs to David Moyes, and an announcement should be made in less than 24 hours.  Stay tuned to The Soccer Desk for more information as the transition continues.