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Moyes Out as United Boss?

There's, no place like the road.  (Photo courtesy of PA.)

If reports are any indication, David Moyes will not return to his position as manager of Manchester United for the 2014/15 season. After losing over the weekend to his former club, Everton, it seems as if the Manchester United Board has decided it is best to part ways with the often harried manager. If Moyes was to  leave United now, he would do so with a 53% win percentage over the course of his tenure. At the same juncture in Sir Alex Furgeson’s career, he only won 41% of his matches.

David Moyes, for as long as he has left, manages in a stadium often referred to as the Theater of Dreams, though it has brought him more nightmares than anything else over the last year. The former Toffee boss has managed to take Manchester United from top of the league, to mid-table in less than a year of management. He was announced 347 days ago, only a day after the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement. Moyes has had two transfer windows and 34 games in the Premier League to make this team his.

During this time he bought on two players, one in Marouane Fellaini, who has struggled to impact the Red Devils, the other, JuanMata, who has been played constantly out of position and hasn’t made the impact most are used to seeing from his time at Chelsea. Moyes has struggled to keep consistent line-ups this year due to injury with many key players, but United also was praised for their depth under Ferguson. But more than anything, this is a club that looks listless, with little passion against top teams in the league, while also looking toothless against the lowest. This is obviously a severe turnaround from the United supporters were used to seeing in 2013 when they completely dominated the league.  Moyes’ United has been one of ups and downs, playing well in the Champions League, but struggling to gain points domestically.

Again, if Moyes left United today (reports aren’t clear on the timetable), he would do so with a record of 17-6-11, sitting seventh in the league, 23 points shy of league leading Liverpool and eliminated from Champions League qualification.  He managed during a season where Liverpool, Everton, and Manchester City did the double on United, which has never occurred before. He has assured that Manchester United will gain their lowest points total ever in a season, while also breaking multiple other records of dominance over other Premier League teams.

Moyes’ reign at Manchester United could end up being a lot shorter–Moyes would be fired just one year into his six year contract–than Sir Alex Ferguson had hoped, but far longer than many fans may have liked. If the Scotsman is indeed out, United now must find another manager they feel will carry them back to their former glory. This year happens to be a good one to find managers, as many International contracts will be ending. Stick with TSD as more news on the David Moyes situation develops.