structured settlement


The simplest way to describe structured settlement is that it is an agreed payment plan that is paid out over an agreed scheduled time frame rather than the money being paid out in one lump sum. Allowed by the United States Congress in 1982, it brought in a new method of compensation for personal injury victims. As part of lawsuit negotiations, this type of settlement can be demanded by the plaintiff or offered by the defendant in either a pre-trial settlement or by court order, but both parties must agree on the terms. An advantage to a structured settlement as opposed to a single lump sum payout is that it is tailored to provide an income stream of tax-free payments for basic living and the ability to meet future medical expenses.


Selling a structured settlement is more popular in the United States than other country worldwide. In the U.S., the majority of structured settlements are made up of medical malpractice and personal injury settlements; statistics show this could be as high as 80% or higher, which equals thousands of structured settlement cases every single year.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone would want to sell their structured settlement. It may be because they want to either buy a home or need money to help repair their current one, they may require a lump sum of money to start a business, college tuition, pay off a debt, or they are just looking to invest. Whatever the reason, the selling process of a structured settlement is not a difficult one, but you will have to decide if you are going to sell only some or all of it and you will be required to go before a judge who will either approve or deny sale of the settlement.

So, the process of selling includes just five steps.

1. Deciding to sell. If the reason to sell is valid and the sale itself won’t have an impact on your future financial needs you can begin the process to sell. If the judge deems the sale of this settlement will have to big of an impact on your future financial needs the sale will be denied.

2. Do your research to find a reputable funding company. The company should not just be a broker, but use its own money to fund, and is experienced in being able to complete the court ordered transfer process.

3. Once you’ve chosen the company, the paperwork begins. Your annuity policy, benefit letter or settlement agreement has to be submitted. This is necessary so the transfer company can verify your application, identification, and payments. All paperwork is reviewed to ensure everything is complete and accurate.

4. The sale must be approved by a judge and as stated in step number one, if this sale impacts your future financial needs in a negative way the sale will be denied.

5. If the sale is approved the judge signs the order and the order is then sent to the insurance company so your funds can be released.


As stated above, when choosing from one of the many companies available who buy structured settlements, you want to choose one that is not just a broker, one that has YOUR best interests in mind, one that has experience and expertise, and one that you are comfortable with.

JG Wentworth has purchased thousands of structured settlements that have been ordered by the court, making them one of the largest purchasers of structured settlements worldwide. Not only do they have more experience than some of the other companies out there, but they know the options available to get you your cash immediately. JG Wentworth has helped customers for more than 25 years. They have the experience with what needs to be done so there are no delays when going before the judge.

Olive Branch Funding offers the ability to get you a larger cash advance than many of their competitors, in as little time as 72 hours, all subject to approval. Their representative will help you make the most of your settlement payments and give you the options available to either sell all or only some of your court ordered settlement agreement.

SenecaOne offers a structured settlement advance program because they know that your immediate financial needs won’t wait. Some of the industry’s leading cash advance programs are offered by SenecaOne which allows emergencies to be taken care of that won’t wait for future payments. SenecaOne offers to do this with as “little fuss as possible.” With no hidden fees, no added costs, and no added obligation. They just want to get you the cash you need.

Whatever company you choose, the biggest thing is that they have YOUR best interests in mind and have the experience to have the sale go through with little to no complications or hassle.…